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We are the Designers for new Restaurants and Bars across the United Kingdom. Accanto Interiors have recently designed 4 new branches of Grilandia restaurant, Beatiful building oposite National History Museum and a lot of eye catching places such as Bosa, Cherry on, KHO KHO, LEBO, The Aura and many others. We have created a brand names, graphics, designed interiors, looked after social media, opening events for new venues and project managed many new design concepts across UK. Have a look bellow on our current projects:


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William Percy French was Irish writer and the bar design is inspired by poetry. The restaurnt had already been named French Percy and the owner decided to keep the name. 

FRENCH PERCY is a relatively small restaurant and cocktail bar design, but this did not lessen the amount of consideration and attention to detail that we gave to the project. This new restaurant and cocktails venue is housed in a historic  building in Cavan's, vibrant city centre. Therefore it was an important part of the brief that we retained original features such as some parts of the exposed brickwork, bar and arched windows in our interior design. It was also a tight space and the building was an awkward shape which meant that to make it function as a cocktail bar design some careful space planning was required with due consideration given to ‘flow’. 

Another thing that had to be borne in mind, was that the business model called for the venue to be a restaurant by day and a cocktail bar by night. We designed the lighting to be brighter during the daytime and more subdued in the evening to completely change the atmosphere of the interior. To modernise the traditionsl look of the bare building we added a  plants hanging from the walls which also gave the illusion of  space and freshnes.. 




With Accanto’s restaurant design, our client wanted their customers to have a relaxed dining experience within a luxury setting. Our contemporary restaurant design uses strong architectural features combined with a subtle mix of high-quality materials to give the interior a luxurious feel.

A standout counter with a beatiful floral wallpaper. This creates a bit of theatre and gives the restaurant an opportunity to get lost in the floral motive on the wallpaer. Being a key element in the restaurant design, the front of the counter is clad in bespoke wooden planks that compliment the terazzo of the countertop and naturalistic pattens on walls.

Brass is also a key material, giving a warmth to the space. It is used for the lighting fixtures of the otherwise grey ceiling. The client is planning to open more branches.

Our interior designers have considered this throughout the design process creating a strong, identifiable look that ties in with the overall brand identity.

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Full refurbishment and interior design of a beautiful house in Weighbridge in the heart of Surrey. Luxurious property with exquisite finishes, smart architectural features, bespoke joinery, striking art, elegant furniture and lighting. 

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In this project we had to focus on post-pandemic changes in barbershop customers’ behaviors and implement them to the design.



The barbershop is located in Richmond, London. We have started to work on project in October 2021 and hopefully it will be open soon. We are working on branding, Ceating name, Graphic design, Product packaging, Bespoke lighting and Interior design. 

Basically, everything has to be just right. 

We created an amazing concept which combines two things we all love and can't wait to tell you more. But you have to wait for it.

Cutting Wood
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Property features
A fantastic family house in Chelsea. We love the project as the client is our repeating customer. 
The house has a great volume and ceiling heights throughout
Direct access to private garden. Beautiful views of the garden from rooms and entrance to large terrase creates a unique indoor outdoor living experience. The house has 6 stories. It is a period town house located close to Sloane Square and we are working on to refurbish of the the property to a very high standard.

The calm interior palette chosen for Durham House creates an elegant, luxurious and welcoming home. Custom cabinetry is paired with silk wallpaper from Arte and integrated appliances by Mile in the bespoke kitchen. Furniture has been carefully curated to beautifully finish each space. The focal point of the house is the magnificent drawing room that overlooks the garden. Another breathtaking peace is the specially commissioned stone staircase. The house has a beautifully designed  bronze and glass lift. A generous lower ground floor was created to provide an indulgent and opulent well-being suite including a swimming pool, spa, treatment room, gymnasium and cinema.


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